Store Your Photos Online!

People have been taking pictures with cameras since their invention. We have grown up with looking printed pictures in photo albums.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and photo albums are being stored within. People are taking thousand of times more photos than before, making each photo a bit less valuable. To understand size of the business, lets see the infographic below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 15.36.26

So, lots of people are taking tons of pictures, applying effects, sharing them, liking them and commenting them. There is a lot of photo traffic going online for almost all ages.

Mobile photography reflects you like a mirror. Even the filter you use in the Instagram describes a lot about your personality. Also, every single photo shooted by you reveals a bit from your characteristics. The way you take your selfies (duck face to get attraction), the tools you have been applying on your photos (getting slimmer) are only simple examples of those.


But where do they store photos if they are not shared? What if your phone got broken?

Nobody wants to lose their photos or videos. There are 3 simple ways to save photos:

  1. Backup to Computer: By using a usb cable / bluetooth / network connection you can backup your photos into your computer easily.
  2. Backup to SD Card: If applicable, you can copy your photos from phone storage to SD card, if you have any on your phone.
  3. Using an Online Storage: If you have Wifi, this is the most convenient option can be taken. By setting an online backup, pictures are being automatically uploaded at the background.

Unfortunate fact: Set aside image upload, people who are using a smartphone mostly even don’t know that they can store their contacts online easily, so they can avoid losing them in case that phone is broken, stolen or changed.

There are many online services that you can use to backup your photos and videos. Each of them provide different storage options for photos and videos with privacy and modification. I am not going to cover them all, but only twohere and here you can see two different reviews for these products.

Ekran Resmi 2016-07-13 23.52.48

1. Google Photos: If you are using Android, this is the most convenient option of getting picture backup. It provides unlimited storage for high quality pictures (up to 16MP) and full HD (1080p) videos, as well as simple sharing and cropping options. No worries, you can also use it on iPhone as well. It also has in built image recognition, so to find your dog’s pictures, it is enough to write “dog” on search. Here is a link from Google’s blog, celebrating 200 million users as well as giving some tricks to use photos better.

Ekran Resmi 2016-07-13 23.49.33

2. Flickr: After creating a Yahoo account, you can benefit Flickr with 1 TB of free storage by uploading your photos / videos of your Android, iPhone and computer with great photo recognition support, duplicate finder, image statistics, surfing through amazing picture galleries and excellent privacy and sharing options. Unfortunately, this plan include ads to be displayed within pages with some restrictions. With a premium plan, you can remove those restrictions, as well as many other perks. This is the most advanced option of storing, modifying, observing and sharing photos online.


According to your needs and delight, you can use similar services like Icloud, Photobucket, Imgur, etc. Please let us know the service you use and your experience on these by comments.

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