How to get 1 TB Google Free Storage

Nowadays, many of us are living online, needing online storage. There are many places that you can store your files, you can even bind them together. Talking about online storage, I’ll show you the way of getting 1 TB (1024 GB) free Google Drive storage.

Almost everyone uses Google in their daily life. We mostly use it to find things over the internet, Gmail, Drive (15 GB free), maps and many other Google services that you are not even aware of.

  • How to get 1 TB free drive storage?
    By contributing to Google Local Guides service and earning 200 points.
  • Why 1 TB free storage and other benefits?
    To attract more people to participate.

screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-12-24-47-pm-pngWhat is “Google Local Guide” service?
It is a service that you write down your experiences, photos from places you have been, answering questions about details of a place, adding new destinations to the map, as well as participating to fix listings on Google Maps locations.

It is simply something like Foursquare on Google Maps that Google have been testing since years. Now things are getting serious. For each content you have added, you’ll gain points from Google and you’ll reach to certain Level’s.

Ekran Resmi 2016-06-06 23.29.16

In return of all these points and levels, Google gives out some perks for your disposal. For 1 TB free Google Drive storage, it is necessary to gain 200 points to reach Level 4, as you can see below. Rest of the perks might not be interesting for you, except being invited to special events and being eligible to test new products before everyone else. Please note that Google is providing 1 TB storage for two years.


How to gain 200 points ASAP?

Open Google Maps, check your location history (you may get terrified of being followed by Google) and write a review for each one of them quickly, upload pictures, answer questions and make updates to get points.

How to use 1024 GB of free online space?

You can use this space easily by installing a sync client to your PC, Mac and smart phone. Your files will be next to you wherever you go.

I wish I could dump my Foursquare / Zomato reviews and pictures to Google as quick as possible to get points in the fastest way 🙂 Now, I’m doing it manually. Please also note that you cannot provide images from your Google Images, if images are not stored as public, you need to upload each time.

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